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Reena Maheshwari

Reena is a restless creative mind. She started doing henna professionally as a teenager, working with her mom Shakun Maheshwari of @ShakuntalaDesign. While her career had taken off in another creative field, she welcomed appointments for weddings, parties, and participated in various art & culture festivals, and demand for her services has grown into a full pursuit. In her free time she enjoys design/remodeling, roaming around the world, beating her partner in scrabble, and trying to be vegan.


Reena is an Internationally Certified Henna Artist. She uses all-natural Rajasthani Henna mixed with a blend of essential oils, tea, and sugar. She also uses Jagua paste, white “henna” and other various “colored” body paints. Advance notice is required for custom colors. Please let her know if you have allergies to any oils.