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Henna Services

Wedding Henna

Rates from $200

Traditional wedding henna can be booked either at my home studio or at your home/hotel/venue. For hands and feet it will take 2 to 6 hours to complete, depending on the quantity and detail of the design. Price depends on whether you want a very fine, detailed design up to your knees and elbows, or if you want a bolder design to your ankles and wrists, or anything in-between. I offer a free consultation (in-person or Skype) when you book wedding henna so we can discuss your specific desires. I recommend booking weddings min. 6 months ahead to ensure availability for yourself and your wedding party.

Note: You DO NOT need to be a member of any ethnic group or gender role to enjoy henna at your wedding. Enjoying a tradition and incorporating it into your own is a beautiful thing.

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from $250

Whether you are having a Mehndi Night Party for your wedding, an Eid/Diwali/Holiday party, a Birthday party, an Anniversary celebration, a baby shower, or any other event - Henna Oasis can come to your home or venue. I use all-natural henna that we mix fresh for each event and can also use colored temp tattoo products upon request (ex. glitter henna, white henna). Three hours/1 Artist is recommended for up to 30 people. For larger events, 2-3 artists may be ideal.

Private Appointments

FROM $50

Enjoy a relaxing private appointment at my home studio in Minneapolis followed by a hot cup of chai while you wait for your henna to dry. Private appointments are often made for chest, back, belly, and leg designs.

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Fairs & Festivals

I participate in a number of art fairs and festivals throughout the Twin Cities, both as a paid vendor or as a paying artist with a designated space. Please call to discuss your event and needs.


Charity Events

Please contact me to discuss your specific needs. Most events I'm paid an hourly rate to attend and charge per hand/per design with 100% of proceeds to the cause.